Engaging People in a Connected World.


Deepening Relationships, Grounded in Trust

In 2005, Deborah and Michael Hamilton planted the seed for a new kind of company – one that would define the role of public relations for ministry and non-profit organizations and buck the status quo. Now, more than ever, we push the boundaries of what PR and media can do. Grounded by our biblical values and strengthened by the confirmation of our original mission, we transform client communications, engage new audiences and build lasting relationships.

We live in a world where the media landscape is in constant flux. The typical adult allocates more than 50 hours each week to media absorption. The only activity that takes more of our time is sleep.  Authority is dispersed and conversations start everywhere and involve influencers of all types—and today no one media channel is enough. We must engage the public and communicate beyond paid and earned media.  We must enter lives at the core of attention and concern to engage people in a

technologically connected world that may not be connected at all.  Hamilton will help to unite you with real people, increase trust, deepen relationships, change behaviors and establish sustained success – on economic and eminent levels, And people will be awakened.

We have established systems that produce predictable success, yet are flexible enough to take advantage of breaking opportunities. Our enduring relationships with the media have allowed us to become a reliable resource and initiate conversations about the most important issues of our time. 

Just ask our clients. Their confidence in our work has allowed us to grow exponentially since 2005. Our record of achievements and our sustained thought leadership allows us to continue to drive the discussion at the intersection of faith and humankind.  To God we give all the glory.

Welcome to Hamilton Strategies. We are ready to learn more about you.



Constituent Communication

Encouraging Relationships that Last

With so many communication choices and options available, let Hamilton determine the most efficient and effective methods available to connect your constituents with your vision. From townhall meetings, telephone calls and direct mail to e-mail, online video and social media, we will make sure that your potential followers have an opportunity to participate in your future.

We will design, create and deliver consistent communications that will increase participation and encourage deeper involvement.

Hamilton will build communications campaigns that not only take advantage of today’s completely interconnected world; we will engage constituents on multiple levels.

Our communications strategy will enhance loyalty, spark new interest in your projects and maximize retention of your constituents.

Find meaningful engagement in a connected world. We believe it is critical for success in today’s environment. To learn about how Hamilton can help, contact Mike Hamilton.

Management Consulting

Developing Organizational Infrastructure Efficiently

Hamilton Strategies has 25 years of experience identifying and anticipating client’s organizational needs and implementing strategies for improvement. With Hamilton Strategies, you get a specific methodology that has been crafted through long years of observing organizations that succeed and understanding why they do.

At Hamilton, we perform a thorough analysis of your organization and identify the specific issues that you face. In addition, we research remedies relying on years of comparative case studies with dozens of other firms.

We will provide specific real world solutions and identify the cost of their implementation. We will create a strategic planning document identifying the following steps:

  • Problem analysis and diagnosis
  • Research and investigation
  • Development of potential solutions
  • Recommendation of a preferred course of action
  • Implementation and facilitation of the solution
  • Anticipate and articulate emerging organizational needs.

We are available to streamline your organization’s success. Contact Michael Hamilton.

Program Syndication

Building a National Platform

The fact is that radio reaches an impressive 92% of all Americans age 12 or older, or has 241,463,000 listeners each week. Also, 94% of adults in the 75K+ household income bracket are reached by radio each week-with daily tune-in times over 2 1/2 hours.*

We believe that with proper analysis, oversight and historical response data, radio will prove to be a great partner in the growth of your organization.

Our Hamilton Strategies team is determined to build relationships on behalf of our clients with media partners that are dedicated to further their mission. We will help you develop long-term partnerships with stations that are built upon trust and a common goal. Because our relationships with Christian broadcasters span over twenty five years, we will only present opportunities that have proven to be effective in expanding ministry reach.

In addition to excellent station relations, be assured that we will diligently monitor the success of each relationship. Analytical oversight of your radio outreach will include detailed tracking of listener response to your message. Through our ongoing analysis and testing, we will be able maximize your investment in radio.

As a unique and important service, Hamilton Strategies will provide you with a written audit of each station in your network or prospective station comparing the cost of reaching actual listeners on each media outlet. We will then work with you to determine the best course of action and make sure that you are efficiently using ministry funds.

If you would like to learn more about leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of broadcast media to expand the reach of your ministry, contact Michael Hamilton.

*Source: RADAR ® 115, December 2012 © Copyright Arbitron (Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimates)

Media Planning

Authenticating Value through Accountability

Are you satisfied with the response to your ministry outreach?

All of us have seen the dramatic changes that are impacting the effectiveness of ministries, from new media to the economy to the changing attitudes of donors. We can help you reveal your mission and purpose to those who are waiting to help you once they understand the heart of your ministry.

Hamilton Strategies will allow you to recognize these changes and connect with an ever growing audience using media outlets that are proven to be effective. We will assist you in bringing the best that the media has to offer to positively impact your ministry. Together, let’s generate the resources that will enable you to impact the world for Christ!

With 20 years of in depth case study experience identifying characteristics unique to successful ministries, let us share that knowledge with you. We can help you:

  • Develop important infrastructure capabilities to capitalize on media opportunities
  • Design effective and consistent communications with your audience
  • Improve donor relations
  • Develop successful partnerships with key networks and stations
  • Initiate media strategies that emanate from your mission
  • Develop consistency of message across all media platforms
  • Improve production quality and standards

Get in touch with Michael Hamilton to find out more.

Digital Media

Engaging People by Staying Connected

There are online communities waiting to hear what you have to say and Hamilton Strategies can help you find them.

Our digital marketing department specializes in curating the right content for the right social network, tracking and analyzing your successes, and sustaining an active conversation with your community. We realize that each social network has its own identity and we make sure to focus on that universe while maintaining your voice. It’s not just about status updates either. It’s about monitoring the response on social networks so we can adapt to what works and what doesn't.

Our team is knowledgeable in what counts now in social media while always keeping an eye on the future. Hamilton Strategies has a dedicated team ready to cultivate your audience online. It's just a matter of agreeing when to start.

Now that’s something you can “like.”

Get in touch with Michael Hamilton to find out more.

Public Engagement

Driving Agendas through Citizen Collaboration

Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other." - President John Adams

Public engagement is an effective tool for building public trust and accelerating public reform. Through our work, the public has begun to have a greater say in policy decisions and elections through grassroots organizations and organized political movements. With your ideas and our ability to qualify and clarify your message, we will engage the public and form public opinion.

This better informed public is more motivated to get involved and support ideas when they know that they have influence over the agenda. This better informed public will drive better quality engagement which will in turn support efforts to increase engagement. In recent years public engagement has become well established in public policy, encouraging citizens to hold government officials accountable for their decisions. Our goal is to give more power to citizens who in turn drive policy decisions.

Authentic public engagement, is a highly inclusive problem-solving approach through which regular citizens deliberate and collaborate on complex public problems. Rather than relegating people to the sidelines, we invite them to join the public dialogue surrounding a problem and provide them the tools to do so productively. As a result, leaders know where the public stands on issues.

Your cause is important to us. We will work together to tell your story and bring it to the forefront of your market. To find out how we can help, contact Debbie Hamilton.

Media Relations

Building Relationships that Drive Value

Hamilton works closely with the most important US and international media outlets, positioning your organization in a positive, consistent and credible manner. Traditional, hybrid, social or owned media, we deal directly with the people responsible for producing the news. We will help you increase positive coverage of your organization.

Hamilton will tell your story in this complex media environment and employ specific strategies for each platform. We will research your organization's distinct benefits and find unique opportunities to connect those benefits with the culture and insure that your story is discovered and shared.

Hamilton will guard your public image and keep your reputation pristine. We invent messaging that inspires media and the masses – through press releases, social media, blogs, interviews, conferences, webinars, events, ad campaigns, viral videos – virtually all modes of communications via any media channel.

Journalists and thought leaders have come to rely on Hamilton and our clients to provide relevant, useful, and shareable content to enhance or initiate the story.

Whether our clients are getting face time with a Wall Street Journal reporter or sitting down with Fox & Friends, Hamilton Strategies can utilize our invaluable media connections as a platform for your story to be told.

To learn who else we work with go to our news. To learn more about how we can help you tell your story contact Debbie Hamilton.

Public Relations

Directing Information, Connecting People

Public relations and reputation management is no longer optional, but mandatory in this current digital age. Harnessing traditional earned media is still a fundamental best practice and Hamilton will assist you with your entire public relations effort from journalist relations to leveraging a brand’s messaging on social media and from game day prep to prepping the C-suite and other spokespeople. We offer some of the industry’s best thinking across all media channels.

Public relations helps our society to reach decisions and function more effectively by contributing to mutual understanding among individuals, groups and institutions. It serves to bring

private and public policies into harmony and our objective is to bring a more acute understanding of our clients’ traditional tenets to our culture.

To achieve your goals, we assist you in developing effective relationships with many different publics such as the media, constituents, donors, members, customers, local communities, board members, other institutions, and with society at large.

Shaping, anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes, and issues that might impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of your organization is what we do every day at Hamilton. We provide PR counseling for

management at all levels in the organization with regard to policy decisions, courses of action, and communications, taking into account the public ramifications and the organization’s social or citizenship responsibilities. To accomplish this end, we use a variety of professional communications skills and play an integrative role both within the organization and between the organization and the external environment. We know how to tell a great story, which will result in an increase in donors, customers, sales, more social media followers, and more media interview requests.

Get in touch with Debbie Hamilton to find out more.



Hamilton is dedicated to working with organizations that are monitoring government encroachment on our freedoms and protecting patient privacy rights.


Hamilton assists foundations in tackling the most intractable issues facing our culture. We are committed to clarity of vision and maximizing donor participation.


Seminaries and universities demand a set of PR skills that are unique to this industry. Whether we are branding your school, promoting distance learning or working with donors, our experience drives our success.


Economics impact every area of ministry function and the ability to finance initiatives. An understanding of the economics of giving is key to all of our work.

Public Policy

Hamilton will identify key audiences, engage like-minded people and drive your agenda to change public opinion and ultimately impact the culture.

Christian Ministry

Hamilton understands the necessity for sound ministry infrastructure, its implementation and best methods for capitalizing on your new national presence.